Find Your Voice

Introduction :

Hay, F.4 student from a Band 3 secondary school, is a typical decadent, cranky teenager. He once messes up big time in school, the principal offers Hay one last chance: to join an experimental Choir project named "Find Your Voice", or else he will be kicked out from the school. Just like Hay, the members of the Choir are students come from 3 different band 3 secondary schools. The choir will compete in the Inter-school singing contest after going through a 9-months boot camp. Hay has no choice but to sing. Everyone thinks the project is a mission impossible and even call the teens “Wretch” Choir. Whereas the sudden arrival of Mr. Yim, a prominent American Chinese conductor, turns the table. Yim, vanished from the world for a whole year and re-appeared completely out of the blue, agrees to be the conductor of the Choir. Behind every face there is a story. Every Choir will sing its own music of life. When these 33 outcasts meet the strictest drillmaster, through life on life interaction, sweat and tears, what ensemble shall be expected from them? Facing the billows of life, how will Yim and "Find Your Voice" surmount all difficulties to complete the mission and stride onto the stage with their head up high, to sing the most resounding voice with fervency, with love.

96 Minutes

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