Dynasty Warrior

Introduction :

The story is based on the plot of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” developing from the suppression of the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the fight of the three warriors with Lu Bu. In ancient China, there was an otherworldly power known as “Wushuang.” Those were the warriors able to defeat a million of the hostile soldiers without any external support. Only “The Heroes of Wushuang” could take control of the divine power. It is almost the end of Eastern Han Dynasty, and corruption is getting more and more massive, while the government is plagued by it at all levels. It gives rise to the Yellow Turban Rebellion. A civilian Liu Bei takes the leadership and encourages a horsekeeper Guan Yu and a butcher Zhang Fei to defeat the Yellow Turban Rebellion, but the corrupted officials set them up and the Imperial army is hunting for them. It is the right moment to take control of the empire and Dong Zhuo uses this opportunity. He leads the Xiliang army and takes the youngest prince at the Han court hostage. It marks the beginning of a new dark era. A junior official Cao Cao can no longer stand the chaos under the leadership of Dong Zhou and he makes a failed attempt to assassinate him. This effort has its continuation and numerous warlords react to it, forming a coalition against Dong Zhuo. This movement gets the form of a resistance campaign and Cao Cao raises his own army to join the battle. Liu Bei with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, his two oath brothers, join the coalition willingly. Cao Cao values the dedication of Liu Bei and his two sworn brothers; nevertheless, their professions are met with derision on the part of warlords. Cao wants to bring three of them into his fold. The general Hua Xiong is killed by Guan Yu, and all the warlords get frightened and run away from the battlefield as the remarkable fighting power of Lu Bu, a “Wushuang” warrior, makes him invincible. Only Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Cao Cao stand close up to one another, with no retreats. The Three Kingdoms era starts with the confrontment of these dauntless warriors.

118 Minutes