The Sun Stands Still

Introduction :

Japan's espionage agency's existence and its global operations are masterfully hidden from the people at large. The agency's name is AN Press which poses as a small news distribution outlet. To safeguard its secrets it has a brutal practice in place — If an agent fails to report in every twenty four hours, a chip implanted in their hearts activates a bomb! If the agent fails to deactivate it in five minutes he will die when the bomb explodes... In order to seize the information about an innovation in next-generation energy, Takano, the best operative from AN Press, and his partner Taoka need to fight with elite spy from all over the world. The stakes get higher as they close in on the heart of the mystery... and there are the bombs in their chests that might go off if they fail to report every twenty-four hours. Will they survive the increasing life-threatening challenges and accomplish their assignment? Will they see the light of the new day?

111 Minutes