Marry My Dead Body

Introduction :

Ming-Han is a passionate policeman in a muscular shape. One day, in the process of arresting a criminal with his beautiful colleague - Zi-Qing, Ming-Han accidentally picks up a red envelope, and a group of people suddenly jumps out to call him "son in law". They ask him to get married with their dead child, who is a dead guy! It is impossible for Ming-Han to accept this decision. However, he doesn't expect to be in misfortune since then. What is even more terrifying is that he begins to see his ghost husband Mao-Mao that scares Ming-Han to death. Therefore, Ming-Han visits a great master to get rid of Mao-Mao. The master tells him that he must get married to Mao-Mao and check Mao-Mao's wish lists; otherwise, Mao-Mao will follow him forever. To get rid of Mao-Mao, Ming-Han has no choice but to help him fulfill all his wishes; at the same time, Mao-Mao also acts like Ming-Han’s partner to help him with the investigation of drug smuggling. A fantasy journey full of laughter and tears between a straight man and a gay ghost has begun.

130 Minutes