Introduction :

Delivery truck driver, Uncle Chuen, works hard every day to put food on the table. His only son, Chong, is only interested in photography. Uncle Chuen doesn’t like how Chong idles his days away doing nothing, and this is a frequent flashpoint between the two. One time during an argument, Uncle Chuen slapped Chong on the face, and Chong ran out of the house, but didn’t forsee that Chong would be hit unexpectedly by a car. Uncle Chuen and his wife rushed to the hospital, but there was no way to save him. The director of organ donation at the hospital found out that Chong had registered as an organ donor before he died. Although Uncle Chuen still could not accept his son’s death, he pushed through the pain to fulfil his son’s dying wish, to leave a gift to those still alive.

94 Minutes