Prison Flowers

Introduction :

‘Top Sis’ was a successful businesswoman who was framed and sent to prison. She quickly realizes that there is a turf war going on with Mrs. Ball. In light of self-preservation, she joins forces with Kelly and Mother Bo to go against Mrs. Ball. She uses her business skills and turns the black market within the prison upside down. The war between the two clans continues to heighten. Female prisoner Bobo and the violent Butcher Wan were sent to prison on the same day, and blood continues to shed inside the prison. Butcher Wan shows no mercy to Bobo, but Bobo takes it as it comes. Bobo meets Mother Bo, her birth mother, who abandoned her a decade ago. Bobo refuses to reconciliate with her, and decides to join forces with Butcher Wan to go against her own mother, Mother Bo. Everyone is distraught. As time passes, Butcher Wan starts to gain power and would do anything to secure more turf. Facing a menacing enemy, ‘Top Sis’ and Mrs. Ball decide to put aside the past aggrievances and join forces to defeat Butcher Wan. As Butcher Wan continues to taunt Mother Bo, Mother Bo gives her life to save her daughter Bobo. In light of this tragedy, ‘Top Sis’, Mrs. Ball, Kelly, and Bobo makes a final decision to avenge Mother Bo’s death!

88 Minutes

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