Stand Up Story

Introduction :

From a young age, Mancer had always known that his father Wah is different from other adults; he speaks illogically, he has slow comprehension and he’s quite easily deceived. After growing up, Mancer finally understood that Wah is intellectually disabled. After his mother ran away from home, Mancer was forced to become his father’s primary caregiver. By chance, Mancer joins a stand-up comedy competition for the prize money and becomes instantly hooked. He’s addicted to the joy he feels from making people laugh. However, after the competition, Mancer couldn’t make people laugh again. While searching for inspiration, Mancer realizes that his best jokes seem to come from his hardships – the ridicule he received at school, his difficulties at work, his struggles in caring for his father, and even the worldwide pandemic. Perhaps misery can also be the best source of comedy after all.

104 Minutes

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