We 12

Introduction :

In the world, which is ordinary yet a little bit extraordinary, there is an underground organization called the "The League of Kaito". Their members silently guard the social order and peace. Within the organization, there are 12 geniuses, each with their own unique skills. Kaito Ian is good at planning, Kaito KT is a master of hypnosis, Kaito Stanley is skilled in eavesdropping, Kaito A.Lo is most adaptable, Kaito Edan is excellent in abseiling, Kaito Jer can instantly disguise himself, Kaito Tiger knows how to read lips from a distance, Kaito Alton is a world-class hacker, Kaito AK masters animal telepathy, Kaito Lokman is familiar with unlocking techniques, Kaito Frankie has the strongest sixth sense, and Kaito Jeremy has a natural super memory and can read and memorize large amounts of information at a glance. They are the star members of the League of Kaito. One day, they received instructions from Boss, to gather at headquarters to complete an important case that will affect the entire world. They not only need to rekindle their team spirit but also face the top enemy of all Kaitou, security manager Johnny, who is trying to stop them, making the mission even more difficult.

97 Minutes

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